Courthouse renovations taking shape

Several county officials walked throughout the Auglaize County Courthouse to evaluate the progress of renovations and agreed the inside of the building is taking shape.
The Auglaize County administrator, commissioners and representatives from Garmann-Miller & Associates met Thursday with with contractors.
“We are still on schedule,” Auglaize County Administrator Joe Lenhart said.
The courthouse, which is slated to re-open on June 1 smelled of freshly coated paint as much of the building’s dry wall has been installed and painting has taken place.
“One of the major changes is the dry wall,” Commissioner John Bergman said. “It wasn’t in place last month.”
Each month the county commissioners walk-thru the courthouse to have questions answered and see how things are going. This time they said one of the biggest differences was all of the new dry wall and drop ceilings in place.
In the basement, painting began on Monday and Jason Fleming, of Garmann-Miller & Associates, said the installation of drop ceilings will begin on Monday in the lower level.
On the first floor, the main offices will be the Juvenile Court.
“Everything on the first floor is juvenile related,” Lenhart said. “This keeps from mixing the juveniles with the adults.”
As the county officials continued their visit of the building, they observed that many items in the building are being restored, including the fireplaces, stenciling and wood paneling.
In the Common Pleas Courtroom, Michael Blanck, who is contracted under Brian Brothers Painting, is working on creating a stencil pattern and matching colors to match the original border in the courtroom.
He created a 60-inch pattern that will repeat every 60 inches.
This stencil pattern will run around the border of the room and include hues of brown and yellow, which will be almost identical to the original pattern that was in the room.
Another major difference to the building is that there will only be one secure entrance opened to the public to enter the building. This entrance will lead the public into the basement, and from there they will lay purses and other belongings on a belt for security checks.
There will be an elevator straight back from the main entrance, which will be a brand new elevator bringing people to the upper floors.
The third and fourth floors in the courthouse, which were used for storage, are now being used for the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and law library.
This is one of the major changes to the entire building because there were no offices on these floors previously.
Bergman said that he is pleased with the way the upstairs is turning out.
“I just think this is fantastic,” Bergman said. “Everything up here was so uneven, and the big thing was making sure all the elevations were even.”
There is a brand new staircase leading up the fourth floor, along with four inch concrete that was poured to create the floors on both floors.
“This is definitely utilizing more of the building,” said John Rausch, of Garmann-Miller & Associates.
“We can see it taking shape,” Bergman said, of the entire courthouse renovation.