Courthouse renovations cost more

Four more change orders have been added to the tally for renovations to the Auglaize County Courthouse.
To date, more than $214,575 has been spent on change orders for the $6.8 million Auglaize County Courthouse renovation project.
Auglaize County Administrator Joe Lenhart said they have accounted for between $238,000 and $250,000 in change orders throughout the length of the entire project.
“We’re getting our way through them,” Lenhart said. “There are still some out there as work continues.
“Anytime you work on an older building you’ll have stuff like this,” he said. “When the dust all settles we should be OK.”
Recent change orders added to the list include two from JMC Mechanical for plumbing work and two with Koester Electric.
Koester is adding $15,315 to a more than $1.19 million contract to allow for changes which would lessen the amount of wire molding needed to be used in rooms with two- to three-way switches.
“They can eliminate some,” Lenhart said. “It will cost a little more, but by changing it it will improve the look.”
Also adding to the costs of the change order was electrical panels which need to be moved under stairways and costing more in materials.
Koester’s other change order is a little more than $9,000 to make sure cabling goes to all jury boxes. It also provides for additional cabling for microphones.
JMC Mechanical’s first change order of more than $4,750 is for a new sump pump for the elevator.
“It used to drain into the regular sewer which the city no longer allows so it had to be rerouted,” Lenhart said. “We hoped we would be able to use the original sump pump but we could not so there will have to be routing and pump changes.”
State inspections required the change.
The other change order of more than $8,600 for JMC Mechanical actually relates to several trades working in the courthouse.
“There are a number of places that need to have holes cored through big, think walls,” Lenhart said.
He said any hole larger than 6 to 8 inches requires a metal sleeve to hold it in place. Perfection Group in Cincinnati is making the sleeves but then the county plans to pay for those through JMC Mechanical, to support a local company.
“It’s a collaboration,” Lenhart said.