County selling courthouse items

Several pieces of history are to be sold as part of online auctions by the county.

To date, a wide array of surplus items have been sold that way by the county, but historical pieces also have joined that list with recent renovations of the Auglaize County Courthouse.

The latest items, which are to be posted for sale today, include large wooden doors, wood trim and door jams, decorative pedestals, window transoms, wooden and metal desks, chairs, light fixtures, filing cabinets, fainting couches, and wooden bars and an entertainment center used in courtrooms.

Already sold from the courthouse were handrails, blocks, bricks, other office furniture and mirrors — anything no longer needed.

“Some of these items were used in the courthouse for many decades,” Auglaize County Commissioner Doug Spencer said.

Some of the items were used long ago in the original courthouse, while others were used in more recent years. All are available to bidders for the right price.

Before deciding what to sell to the general public, commissioners did check on interest in older items from the Auglaize County Historical Society.

“It’s been a wonderful tool for us,” Spencer said. “We’ve gotten a lot of hits.”

Items for sale can be found by going to the county’s website,, and then clicking on an online auctions icon, along the middle right of the page. The site is operated by, but maintained locally.

Photos of the items for sale are to be posted along with their listings.

Prior to selling surplus items online, the county moved items to the fairgrounds for a traditional auction and then had to move back whatever didn’t sell. This proved to be a much easier concept.

“It’s saved us a great deal of time in disposing of our surplus,” Spencer said. “People really seem to look and be interested in what we may have for sale next.”

Not many items posted on the site don’t sell.

In addition to the latest items for sale, the county’s online site is used to sell personal property, motor vehicles, road machinery, equipment, tools, supplies, and anything else no longer needed for public use, which has become obsolete, or is unfit for use.

Items are posted on the site for at least 10 days with terms and conditions of the sales attached. Items posted today are expected to expire Thursday, Feb. 7.

Payment may be made at the Auglaize County Administration Building, in Wapakoneta, with arrangements made for pickup.

Commissioners are charged a small commission only on items that sell through the site.

“What we are hoping is that many of these items from the courthouse will be purchased by Auglaize County residents,” Spencer said. “That is what we found before.”