County seeks help from city

Tom Wehrhahn
Managing editor

The county has a problem and is looking to the City of Wapakoneta for help.
According to Auglaize County Engineer Doug Reinhart, the problem is the county’s sewage treatment plant serving the Sherwood Forest area.
“It was built 60 years ago,” Reinhart said. “It has metal tanks. We put new sleeves on them 25 years ago because they were leaking, but those tanks are now failing
Reinhart said that two years ago, the county commissioners received findings and orders from the Ohio EPA that those tanks have structural issues.
“We have two options: 1, Build a new treatment plant at the same location for those 25 homes, or 2, build a lift station to pump it into Wapakoneta’s system for treatment.”
That’s when Reinhart decided to contact city officials to see what his options are.
Reinhart recommended the city consider a large enough system to service a large area to allow for future growth beyond the 25 homes in Sherwood Forest.
The cost difference between those 25 homes and estimated future growth would be borne by the city.