County puts policy in place to protect against counterfeit

Staff photo/Laura Germann: Auglaize County Treasurer April Bowersock demonstrates how to use  the counterfeit detector machine in the treasurer's office Tuesday.

The Auglaize County Treasurer’s Office is implementing a new policy for detecting counterfeit bills with a special machine.

Treasurer April Bowersock met with the Auglaize County Commissioners Tuesday to talk to them about the new policy and the counterfeit detector machine recently obtained by the office.

“What we are currently doing is for any cash that comes across our counter from any department or customer, I’m running it through the machine first to detect counterfeit,” Bowersock said. “If counterfeit is detected, we will have the person who brings it in sign off that we’re holding that bill and we will take it to the bank for final detection.”

If the bill is determined by the bank to be counterfeit, the bill will then be confiscated by the sheriff’s office and the person who turned it in will be held liable for the amount of the bill or bills, she said.

Bowersock looked into obtaining a counterfeit detector machine on loan from Automated Business Machines out of Toledo to see if it would be beneficial for the office. The machine came in last week and is currently being used. It can check any increment of bill from $1 to $100.

See Wednesday's paper for the full story.