County moves with caution on Acres

Tom Wehrhahn
Managing Editor

As the county commissioners consider privatization of Auglaize Acres, it is still too early to say what will happen to the facility.
There are 91 licensed beds at stake, although County Administrator Erica Preston said Friday the latest census of occupants was 64. Preston added that all the beds at the Acres are dual certified, meaning eligible for medicare/medicaid and private insurance. There is no income criteria for residency.
According to a previous news release, the nursing home ended 2016 with an operating deficit of $455,000. Preston said this is not the first time the Acres was in the red. She did not have the exact date in front of her, but said the commissioners had to sell off between 20 and 30 beds years ago to get cash flow to offset losses.
Preston said she couldn’t speak for the commissioners, who will not be in session until Thursday due to the July 4 holiday, but she said the expectation would be for the building and the nursing home to be sold. The sale would be through a bidding process.
“The current tenants of the building, external to the nursing home, would just get a new landlord,” Preston said.
As stated in the release, having a professional company own the nursing home would provide additional resources for the staff. Preston said it would also provide more efficiency in delivery of services, and more support to employees and residents.
As Auglaize Acres Administrator Kim Sudhoff stated in “The Acres Aide” newsletter, “The County Commissioners are not in the healthcare business. The board is exploring only those...

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