Council supports Rams

CRIDERSVILLE — With the Cridersville Rams Midget Football team gaining a record number of players and cheerleaders this season, they exhausted their funds for additional uniforms and supplies and are seeking help from the village council to boost their budget.

Rams cheerleading advisor Tracy Hibbard came to the Cridersville Village Council on Monday evening to discuss the number of players participating on the football team and cheerleading squad this year, and how they

need more funds for the organization.

With 54 football players and 27 cheerleaders signed up for the Rams, Hibbard asked council if there were any funds they were able to give to the organization’s budget, and the mayor and councilors were eager to help.

“This is an opportunity for kids to develop fundamentals, teamwork skills and participate with their friends to celebrate Cridersville in a great way,” Cridersville Mayor Lorali Myers said. “This is a great investment for the youth in our community.”

Councilors agreed, as Council President Eric West said this is a great program for the youth.

“The Cridersville Rams have never come to council asking for money, and they wouldn’t be here if they didn’t need it,” West said. “The coaches are doing a great job and this is a great program.”

Council members discussed their budget and agreed, approving to give $1,000 to the Cridersville Rams Midget Football program, with the money to be taken out of the general fund, under the miscellaneous line item, which had room to spare.

Hibbard came to council throwing the idea out to them, and letting them know the extremely high turnout of participants this year in the program and the need for more funding.

Some of the football players borrowed Wapakoneta midget football helmets and jerseys to practice in for a short period of time while the team waited for new jerseys and helmets that needed to be purchased. After purchasing additional jerseys, helmets, pads and cheerleading equipment, the Rams knew they needed more money to help the budget through the year.

In 2011, the Rams had 45 players and in 2010 they had 30.

“For a number of years the athletic program was doing so well,” Myers said. “Then the numbers had dwindled.”

But now with the numbers rising, the councilors are excited about the news, and want every child to have an opportunity to play or cheer without being turned away, the mayor said.

“They didn’t expect to have this many kids,” Councilor Rick Walls said.

Walls noted that the coaches do not like to turn any one away from playing, as they like giving every child an opportunity to participate.

“The coaches are doing a wonderful job,” Walls said.

Myers said the money was a contribution back to the village.

“This is something that is very positive for the community,” Myers said.