Council to discuss utility over-under-charges

Tom Wehrhahn
Managing Editor

According to the agenda for tonight’s meeting of the Wapakoneta City Council, two new ordinances will be up for first reading.
One will amend a current ordinance by adding a section outlining policy concerning overcharged and undercharged customers.
The Wapakoneta City Council’s Finance Committee and Utilities Committee met jointly June 22 to discuss the ordinance, among other items related to utilities.
A second ordinance to be considered declares the necessity of constructing and/or repairing certain sidewalks, requiring that abutting property owners construct and/or repair the same. These refer to certain sidewalks that were apparently installed according to state rules, but are not aesthetically pleasing.
In other business, council is expected to:
• Hold third reading of an ordinance amending Section 1610.04 (a) regarding enforcement; responsibilities of municipal fire inspector.
• Hold third reading of an ordinance amending Section 1610.07 regarding setting fires.
• Hold third reading if an ordinance levying an additional tax on income at the rate of one half of one percent.
There will be a second open forum for residents to discuss city issues between 1 and 2 p.m. Wednesday at City Hall.