Contracts OK’d

Assistant Managing Editor
Salaries were set Tuesday for three administrators, an operations building secretary was hired part-time, and supplemental contracts were approved during a regular meeting of the Wapakoneta City Schools Board of Education.
Steve Heitz, Lori McKean and Dave Tangeman, who respectively supervise maintenance, food services and transportation for the district, were shifted to a salary-based schedule rather than the hourly pay they received previously during a meeting in August. Their new salaries were adjusted beginning Monday.
The three positions all start with the same base salary of $50,597. Heitz’s salary on the step scale is to be $68,305, Tangeman’s $58,692 and McKean’s $56,668. Heitz is at the top of his salary schedule, while Tangeman and McKean still have one step to go before reaching the top.
The salaries were set based on a three-year average, said Wapakoneta City Schools Superintendent Keith Horner, who explained they were trying to eliminate overtime spikes based on the hours the supervisors were working.
“For them it provides them with a little more security with what they will earn and for the district it does basically the same thing by providing us with a little more budget security,” Horner said.
None of the supervisors’ responsibilities changed with the salary schedule and their duties all fall under those of administrators since they are responsible for other employees and fill out expense and employee reports similar to other administrators.
Dorinda Schmerge was hired as operations building secretary on step one of the administrative schedule for central office staff. She is to work four hours per day, 230 days per year, at a rate of $13.14 per hour beginning Sept. 30.
“It’s a position we didn’t fill last year when a full-time person left,” Horner said.
He said a casual laborer had been filling in the spot for a couple hours, but they wanted to bring someone back in on a regular basis part-time.
Horner said the position is to be supported by a separate cafeteria fund.
Several donations were accepted, including 25 Chromebooks and a charging cart at a value of $7,931 from PTT. The Chromebooks are to be used in multiple ways at Wapakoneta Elementary School.
“It is very generous,” Horner said. “We are very lucky.”
They also accepted $599.98 for changing tables in soccer restrooms from the Ty Garrett Miller Memorial Foundation by Glen and Diana Miller.
“I’d like to personally thank you for all you have done for the facility,” Horner told the Millers during the meeting, as they expressed that they still had more to give.
Other donations accepted by board members included $499 from the Women’s Civic League for an Apple iPad, $500 in school supplies from First English Lutheran Church and $65 in school supplies from the Women of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Montra Parish.
Board of Education members approved the following supplemental contracts:
• Ron Brown, boys varsity basketball assistant, $4,900.
• Paul Sadler, boys basketball assistant, $3,927.
• Jason Brandt, varsity baseball, $4,900.
• Mark Cook, varsity boys track, $4,900.
• Mindy Webb, varsity girls track, $4,900.
• Kimberly Replogle, Brooke Dombos and Kailey Schneider, 1/3 girls varsity basketball assistants, $1,309 each.
• Kimberly Replogle, Brooke Dombos and Kailey Schneider, 1/3 girls basketball assistants, $984 each.
• Bill Sammons, varsity softball, $4,900.
• Tony Miller, swimming assistant, $2,551.
• Jennifer Brandehoff, basketball cheer adviser, $2,551.
• Joretta Hayes, 2/3 freshman basketball cheer adviser, $2,192.
• Sheri Place, 2/3 middle school cheer adviser, $1,141.
• Darrell Heintz, varsity boys tennis, $3,927.
• Kevin and Erica Drexler, middle school girls basketball, $2,953 each.
• Jeremy Rostorfer, wrestling assistant, $3,927.
• Brian Cossel and Nick Sammetinger, 1/2 middle school wrestling, $1,476 each.
• Adam Stahler, middle school wrestling, $2,953.
• Shelley Koch, volunteer basketball cheer adviser.
• Dave Copeland, volunteer middle school girls basketball.
In other personnel matters, board members approved:
• Annette Hensley as a bus driver for the 2013-14 school year, beginning Monday at $16.11 per hour for four hours per day, 188 days a year.
• Five substitute teachers, two substitute paraeducators, a substitute secretary, and three substitutes for the cafeteria.