Contract cuts money for C’ville

CRIDERSVILLE — The Cridersville fire chief brought up a new proposed fire contract by a neighboring community.

Fire Chief Ron Mertz informed Criderville Village Council members Monday that Shawnee Township trustees want to cut the amount they pay on a service contract with the village.

Typically, the two government entities sign a three-year contract with Shawnee Township paying $17,000 per year for Cridersville’s fire and rescue service to the township.

“They wanted to cut  the contract amount and make it a one-year contract with them instead of the three-year deal,” Mertz told councilors.

The Shawnee Township trustees proposed a one-year contract for $8,750 to provide mutual aid.

This is a reduction of nearly half of the annual fee that Shawnee contracts with Cridersville.

Councilor Eric West said he was not against this proposal.

“I’m all about being a good neighbor,” West said. “We are making a nice gesture to a township.”

Mertz said if this were a three-year contract, he would say no way, but it is only for one year, and they’ve requested it because of budgeting issues in the township for 2012.

“They requested it and we understand we need to be mindful,” Mayor Lorali Myers said. “We need to be mindful that budgets have changed, and they don’t feel $17,000 is feasible for them this year.”

Myers along with councilors agreed that they wanted to be good neighbors and help out Shawnee Township.

Councilors approved this one-year contract for 2012 with Shawnee Township, and Mertz had requested that the $8,750 should be up front and paid in full by 30 days after signing.

Mertz, along with Myers and a councilor, will be in contact with Shawnee Township in the fall about discussing fire contracts for the future.