Contamination a problem at county recycling centers

Bob Tomaszewski
Staff Writer

Unwanted materials and contamination is getting out of hand at Auglaize County recycling centers and officials want to remind those using the centers on just what is accepted.

As of now, the District’s locations are only accepting #1 and #2 plastics.

“We want to put it out to the folks of Auglaize County and the surrounding area that our drop-off sites are not basically a place for garbage. Everybody thinks that if it’s something thats got a triangle on the bottom of it, and it’s got a number on it, that’s recycling,” Solid Waste District Coordinator Scott Cisco said. But this is no longer the case.

Cisco explained that several other counties are also only taking 1 and 2 recyclables. In those cases numbers 3-7 plastics are going into the garbage. While Auglaize County takes those numbered items, there isn’t a market for them at the moment.

“If we get them here, then we are throwing them out,” Cosco said. “Right now there is no home for them; hopefully in the future there will be.”

There are some exceptions, but those materials must be taken directly to the material recovery facility in St. Marys. Vinyl siding, flower pots, shrub pots, tree pots, trash cans, storage totes, coolers and laundry baskets and buckets with no metal handles can all be properly disposed of if brought to the material recovery facility at 15502 St. Marys River Road, St. Marys.

Cisco said that previously...

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