Concerns over gas cloud reported

The Auglaize County Emergency Management Agency is continuing its investigation after reported sightings of a white cloud of gas originating from a plant in the industrial park on Willipie St., Wapakoneta, on Tuesday.
Residents in the surrounding area of South Pine St., west of Veteran's Park, contacted officials after a fast-moving gas cloud encompassed several house trailers, originating from the plant of manufacturer and transportation provider AIP Logistics in the industrial park.
"We did have a release come out of that facility," Auglaize EMA Director Troy Anderson said. "I'm doing the checks with what went on there.  I did talk with officials (from AIP Logistics). At that point they did have a release of two products from that plant."
Anderson said AIP Logistics officials told him one of their pumps had quit, and they were using nitrogen to "thaw out the line" — the cause of the cloud.
AIP Logistics Chief Operations Officer Charlie Ring said the company uses nitrogen as a safeguard to pressurize material for transportation purposes.
"We use it to move this material from one place to another, versus using air, which does cause friction and could create sparks," Ring said. "The problem with nitrogen is, when it reaches the atmosphere, it vaporizes, so that's the cloud."