Community thanks retiring patrolman for 36 years of service

Rebecca Lapp
Staff Writer

After 36 and a half years of service to Wapakoneta, Patrolman Dennis R. Golden is retiring.
Golden's friends, family, and the Wapakoneta Police Department took time to thank him Friday afternoon at city hall.
Golden was born and raised in Lima. He met his wife in college and they moved to Wapakoneta, where he was hired as a dispatcher in 1980. Golden was sworn in as a patrolman July 1, 1981. A lot has changed since then: technology, training time, evidence gathering, communication and the people Golden worked with.
Though Golden is looking forward to doing something new, he said, "I think there's more things I'm going to miss than not miss. I obviously enjoy working with the people that I work with. I've worked with a lot of different people through the years, because a lot of people have retired from when I started."
Golden also enjoyed the contact with the public he had as a patrolman. He appreciated, "…the fact that I got to talk to different people every day, see different people every day. And I did this long enough that when I first started I might be making contact with a person and by the end of my career, I'm with their kids or grandkids because it's been that long of a span, so I'm dealing, sometimes, with the same families."
At the same time, he is eager to spend more time with his family and his grandkids. "It's mixed emotions," Golden said. He added, "It'll be less stressful. There's a lot of stress, I think, that comes with this job."
The community expressed their gratefulness for Golden's years of service.
For the full story, see Saturday's edition of the WDN.