Committee mulls street issues

Managing Editor

The Wapakoneta City Council’s Streets and Alleys Committee met Thursday afternoon to discuss a right-of-way adjustment and assessments for a forthcoming project.

The right-of-way at issue is on Logan Street, specifically along the east side of the property at 301 Jefferson St. The property owner, Dave Katterheinrich, had requested that the city vacate part of the unimproved right-of-way to give him a wider side yard. City code calls for a five-foot setback. The committee voted to recommend to council that the right-of-way be adjusted.

The assessment issue involved a forthcoming reconstruction of Buchannan Street, which is scheduled for 2016. Since the work involves extensive work to the roadway, along with new gas lines, some sidewalks and driveways will be replaced. Committee members said that, due to the amount of work, residents should not be assessed for sidewalks.

See Friday's print edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News for the full story.