Committee considers pot stance

Tom Wehrhahn
Managing Editor

The Wapakoneta City Council continues to explore the medical marijuana issue and decided Monday to take no further action until more information is obtained.
The council’s Health and Safety Committee met prior to Monday’s regular council meeting to discuss the issue of continuing a moratorium on medical marijuana that expired in March.
Council President Steve Henderson has been urging the continuation of a dialogue on the topic since several political entities in the area have already decided to prohibit cultivation, processing, testing and distribution of medical marijuana.
According to Henderson, Duchouquet, Noble, St. Marys, Union, Washington and Wayne townships all have prohibitions on the issue. Those prohibitions affect the non-incorporated portions within the townships. The committee wants more information on the decision-making process the townships used and whether any municipalities have passed similar restrictions. In Shelby County, the Village of Botkins recently passed a prohibition on medical marijuana.
Jessica Muhlenkamp addressed council for permission to conduct the 2017 Auglaize County Suicide Prevention and Awareness Walk. The proposed route is downtown along Auglaize, Park, Main and Blackhoof streets. The walk will take place between 10 a.m. and noon on Sept. 30.
Rather than close the streets, it was suggested that the walkers have a police escort since, unlike a run, the group will be close together. Muhlenkamp said about 100 to 150 walkers usually participate.
The walk alternates annually between Wapakoneta and St. Marys . . .

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