College friends hired together

After becoming friends in college, Olivia Richard and Jenalyn Hennon knew they wanted to work together after graduation, but they never thought it would actually happen.

Much to their amazement, the recent college graduates happened to be hired at the same time, in the same building and even in the same grade level when they were offered jobs teaching first grade at Wapakoneta Elementary School. 

“It was really surprising,” Hennon said. “You think like ‘oh, that would be so cool to work with someone you know because then you wouldn’t be the only new person coming on,’ but we never thought it would actually happen when we applied. But it worked out and we’re really lucky because we worked a lot together in school.”

As 2014 graduates of The Ohio State University Lima, the pair had worked together constantly while in school, taking almost all of the same classes together since their sophomore year. Richard said the small class sizes at OSU Lima allowed her to get to know everyone in her field of study, including Hennon.

After working with Hennon consistently throughout college, Richard said she came to realize how similar the two were in both their personalities and work ethic.

“We’re like the exact same person,” she said. “It’s funny because we were like that all throughout college.”

For the full story, see the Tuesday, Sept. 2 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.