Coffee a staple at farmers market

Michael and Carma Sheely display their coffee at Wapakoneta's weekly Farmer's Market in Belcher Park. The couple are proud of the unique flavors they can offer local coffee drinkers.
Chelsea Luebrecht
Staff Writer

Despite the damp weather, vendors turned out to Wapakoneta's Farmer's Market Saturday morning, including Michael Sheely of Ridge Street Coffee Ltd.

“We're a cottage industry,” Sheely said. “Like the Mennonites or the Amish.”

The coffee beans come from a variety of places including Nicaragua and Peru.

“We get our coffee beans from a very good supplier,” he said. “We get from a spot buyer in Edinburgh, Pennsylvania. He also has his coffee in Whole Food Markets.”

All of the coffee is organically grown, although due to the expense, not all of the farmers carry the official certification.

“The coffee comes in 125, 150 pound bags,” he said. “So my buyer from Pennsylvania will purchase coffee from another supplier and then ask me how much of a type of coffee I want.”

One of the things that sets his coffee apart is the unique flavor of each bag.

“You might never get that coffee again,” he said. “It might be very different because of the different growing seasons, kind of like corn. You might have a good growing season one year, not so good the next.”

The flip side is if someone loves a certain...

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