Closer tab on budget: Council discusses new way to give dept. reports

CRIDERSVILLE — An area councilor gave insight on an idea that went over well with the rest of his colleagues.

Cridersville Village Council members recently discussed an idea that should  allow them to keep a closer tab on expenditures in the village.

Councilor Tony Zuppardo recommended department directors for the village, including those overseeing the fire, police and water departments, should give a monthly report on what kind of call load there was for that month, how many hours of overtime were worked and why it was needed.

“This will give council insight on expenditures and overtime,” Zuppardo said, “and this will help us keep track on a monthly basis.”

Councilors agreed and talked about making this a village wide task, where each department director would keep track of the hours that their department works and note any additional overtime hours and why it was needed.

Zuppardo said this will help because this will determine if the village needs to hire more part-time employees.

“If we do need to hire part-time employees then we need to get on the ball,” Zuppardo said.

This idea will help keep track of the village’s budget.

“We should make it village wide,” Zuppardo said, “so we are not singling anyone out.”

“It just makes good business sense,” Councilor Stacey Myers Cook said.

In other finance business, Councilor Eric West reported at a recent meeting how figures from last year at this time compare to this year, and the village’s budget shows a $1,000 less figure for disbursements for 2012, compared to 2011.

West noted that this was positive information.

“The fact that disbursements are down, we are aware of our budget,” West said.

With government funding being cut, and the village’s budget being less this year compared to last year, the village has been watching their expenses for the year and are happy with the way spending is going for far this year.

The Cridersville Village Council will meet at 7 p.m. tonight at the village hall.