Classmates square off

Wapakoneta Elementary School students Branden Goulet and Ryan Kinstle may share a classroom and a passion for football, but they are on opposite sides when it comes to Sunday's Super Bowl.

9-year-old Kinstle is rooting for the Denver Broncos because he likes their quarterback, Peyton Manning.

"He's just a good quarterback and he deserves to win the Super Bowl," Kinstle said.

10-year-old Goulet said that he is not necessarily a Seattle Seahawks fan, but he is rooting for them because he does not like the Broncos. He and Kinstle also have a very different opinion of Manning and some of the other Broncos players.

"I don't like Peyton Manning because he's a bragger," Goulet said. "I don't like (Denver wide receiver) Wes Welker either because he used to play for the Patriots and I'm a Patriots fan."

Kinstle said that he started becoming a Broncos fan when Manning was traded there from the Indianapolis Colts.

Goulet also has a favorite player from the team he is rooting for.

"(Seattle running back) Marshawn Lynch is my favorite player on the Seahawks," he said. "He's a good running back and we both like Skittles."

For the full story, see the Saturday, Feb.1 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.