City councilors visit Auglaize Street properties to solve water problems

Terry Campbell, center, leads the discussion Monday at the home of John and Doris Sheipline. Water issues have plagued Auglaize Street residents for months; city council has been charged with solving what is now an on-going problem.
Deb Zwez

Wapakoneta City Council’s Utilities and Lands and Buildings committees followed through with their promise to solve the water problem on Auglaize Street Monday, when members met at the home of John and Doris Sheipline, 808 W. Auglaize, to talk about the two lingering water-related issues: standing water in the back yards of Auglaize Street homes, and the sewer back ups that occurred around the same time.

First, the standing water problem: Terry Campbell distributed topographical maps that show elevations prior to the installation of the interceptor sewer at the rear of the properties. He said he was told new maps are due this week that will have the most recent readings, and will show the current elevations. In the mean time, however the drainage problem remains.

The adjacent property, owned by the Gillespie family, currently has ponded water in the southern portion of the lawn, closer to the house than the river. That portion of the property seems to have sunk, but there’s no explanation of that now. Drainage continues to be...

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