City budget intact: Rec Fund changes proposed, delayed for supplemental

The document outlining the city’s spending for 2012 is to stay intact.

The ordinance setting the budget for 2012 will proceed through the legislative process as planned after Wapakoneta City Council Finance Committee members recommended no change be made to the Recreation Department Fund.

Wapakoneta Recreation Director Jack Hayzlett had voiced concerns to 1st Ward Councilor Jim Neumeier, who chairs the Parks and Recreation Committee, regarding line items being shortchanged in the Recreation Department Fund.

Finance Committee members agreed Thursday with Mayor Rodney Metz, Safety-Service Director Bill Rains and City Auditor Gail Walter to a simple resolution to the problem.

“We decided to pass the budget ordinance as is and then have a supplemental in the near future to move the money to the different line items in the fund as Hayzlett has requested, but there is no change in the overall amount of money that the fund has to operate,” Wapakoneta 3rd Ward Councilor and Finance Committee Chair Bonnie Wurst said after Thursday’s committee meeting. “There will be no change in receipts or expenses.

“In some instances, Gail Walter can move some of the money on her own if a line item needs funds as long as the line item is in the same section of the budget,” she said, “and if money is moved between funds it will require council approval.”

Wurst explained Thursday’s special Finance Committee was to decide if the changes had to be made now and the original budget ordinance revised, or if Hayzlett had enough money in the fund to operate until a supplemental could be adopted to shift the funds so the original budget ordinance could remain intact.

Hayzlett, who attended Thursday’s meeting, said he could go for a short time.

Councilor-at-large Tom Finkelmeier Jr. and Neumeier made a motion to continue with the budget ordinance as is and craft a supplemental to match the budget Hayzlett needs after it is adopted.

Walter explained to revise the proposed 2012 ordinance would take more work since paperwork has already been sent to the county — so city and county documents would have to be changed.

Neumeier requested the special Finance Committee meeting at Monday’s council meeting so Hayzlett could discuss the issues with the committee and administration.  

Hayzlett was not present when the budget was set earlier in the budget process when Finance Committee members met to review the 2012 budget.

In Hayzlett’s talks with Neumeier prior to the council meeting, he requested only minor adjustments in the fund.

Hayzlett made a similar request Thursday, noting none of the changes would affect the bottom line of the fund.

His main concern was to shift  money to the operations line item. At present there is $5,500 in the operations line item of the fund and he requested the amount be raised to $13,000 — this is so the soccer fields and baseball diamonds can be lined this spring, summer and fall. He explained money could be shifted from transportation and contract services.