Church sees rapid growth

Cassaundra Smith
Staff Writer

Twenty-five years ago, Harvest Baptist Church got its start in the basement of Home Savings and Loan Bank.

The church started up in September of 1991 with 20 families. The group only met in that basement twice before they outgrew it and moved to the building that now houses the Wigwam. They then moved to the middle school.

“That's when we really took off in physical growth,” Senior Pastor Gary Bragg said. “We were there eight years.”

The church moved from the middle school into the building that houses it today. This happened in 1999, and since that time, an addition has been built and homes have been purchased for pastors.

Bragg has been with the church since its inception. It was started up when he was let go from another church.

“There was a group that said OK, maybe we can just have a bible study while your looking for a church,” he said.

He was not thinking at all of starting up a church, although that's what happened. The initial 20 families grew to about 420 or 440, he estimates.

“That first year, we averaged 65 people,” Bragg said. “Now we average about 750 to 800 a service.”