Children of Hope service to be held

A church service is planned to pray for the local children whose lives are touched by a life threatening or life changing illness.
The fourth annual Children of Hope Community Praise and Worship Service will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 302 E. Pearl St., Wapakoneta.
“This worship is a way for the community and family and friends to offer love, care, support, and prayers for these youth and their families,” the Rev. Mark Bauer, pastor of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, said.
During the service, everyone in attendance will be able to praise and worship God, and also have a special prayer time for the children who are present who have life threatening or life changing illnesses or injuries.
“As a community of believers, we come together to worship and praise the Lord and to pray for the spiritual needs as well as the physical needs of children and the families of children who are touched by a life-threatening/life changing illness or injury,” Bauer said. “The service will be led by various pastors from our community.  Each child will be introduced and information about their needs and prayers for their specific illness will accompany the worship.” 
Bauer said that this service is held at a different church in the area each year.
“The worship has been held at First United Methodist, Harvest Baptist, and First English Lutheran churches,” Bauer said. “One member of First United Methodist expressed an interest in having a special prayer service for children and their families and this opportunity to support and encourage has continued across the years.
This event, which used to be held as a regular Sunday worship service at a church, is designation as a separate service now, so more people can attend. This is a way to make it comfortable for everyone, because it may be hard to leave one’s home church and attend another one.
Refreshments will be served following the service.
Bauer said that there are currently five youths signed up for the event, and anyone is welcomed to sign up, so they can be recognized during the service.
Along with Bauer, other pastors from other parishes will be in attendance at the event.
Anointing of the oil will be available for the children, along with laying of the hands to pray for each child.
“Everyone in the community is invited to come and share in this worship,” Bauer said.