Children’s book provides positive thoughts

ST. MARYS — To achieve the many goals people have for themselves, Bruce Boguski suggests acting a little childish.

“I’m suggesting we go back to being kids,” Boguski said Monday during his motivational speech for Grand Health Challenge and Grand Health Family Challenge participants. “When you were children, you knew everything that it was going to take to get anything you wanted in life. You knew what it was going to take to be successful.”

Boguski referenced H. Jackson Brown Jr.’s “When You Lick a Slug, Your Tongue Goes Numb,” a book full of quotes from children, most of which, Boguski argued, are things adults should live by.

“If you believe in yourself, anything’s possible,” Boguski said, quoting one of the children from the book. “Do you believe that’s true or not? Do you believe you can lose weight? Do you believe you can quit smoking? Do you believe that you can have the life you want?”

The key to success is positive belief, not positive thinking, he said. People believing they can do something is better than thinking they can do

something. He noted that visualizing is an important tool in helping people achieve their goals.

“Visualization is the most powerful tool that you can use for anything you want to get in your life,” Boguski said, noting that through his experience, visualizing a goal will help make it a reality.

The children quoted in “When You Lick a Slug, Your Tongue Goes Numb” also suggested “today is one of a kind — it’s only going to happen once, so make it a great day” and “never let your fears become the boundaries of your dreams.” Boguski noted that fears often keep people from pursuing their dreams.

“How many times have you written down a goal and the next day you say, ‘I can’t do that,’” Boguski said. “It’s because we’re afraid. We’re afraid of success. We’re afraid of failure. We’re afraid of a lot of things.”

He noted everyone has a voice in their head that keeps them from believing they can reach their goals.

“Here’s one thing that’s holding you back, and it stops you from believing in yourself and it’s part of the brain,” Boguski said. “It’s called the reticular activating system. I call it the little voice in the back of your mind .... Each one of you has a little voice that talks to you 50,000 times a day, but you never hear the voice until you get in a pressure situation, and then you can’t shut the little sucker up.”

He noted the little voice tells people they cannot do things, overwhelming them and keeping them from succeeding. He noted controlling the voice and continuing to push is key to reaching goals.

“It doesn’t make any difference in how good you’re doing something, you can always do it better,” Boguski said, noting that it would be sad to reach an old age and realize that things could have been better. “It’s all in changing the mind.”

Boguski suggested creating a bucket list to realize life goals to work toward.

“I’m encouraging you, make your list,” Boguski said. “It’ll take you places you probably thought you’d never go.”

He also suggested using affirmation training to achieve goals.

“Affirmations are simply saying good things to yourself instead of negative things and saying them over and over and over again,” Boguski said, noting his favorite affirmation, “I’m always calm and confident under pressure.”

He noted that by saying affirmations, actions will change. He used the example of getting “It’s a Small World” stuck in his head after riding the ride in Disney World.

“What song are you humming for the next three hours,” Buguski said. “Because that’s what you saw and that’s what you heard. That’s how affirmations work. They come back into your mind when you least expect them to be there — especially if you use them a lot.”

He stressed importance of people telling the brain what they want it to do and visualizing what they want.

“If you visualized yourself thin, in shape — guess what,” Boguski said. “It’s a lot easier to accomplish that if your brain is always seeing that.”