Change orders add another $44,000

Another $44,000 has been added to the Auglaize County Courthouse renovation project with the latest change orders.
The increases bring the total change orders for the $8 million project up to $289,000 to date.
“We expect these things and are still sitting OK yet,” Auglaize County
Administrator Joe Lenhart said. “When you look at an $8 million project it’s to be expected when you tear into a 100-year plus building.”
The latest in the list of change orders includes $26,400 for Brian Brothers Painting & Restoration for paint restoration. The base amount of which was $463,500.
The additional cost is to furnish and install all necessary labor and material to prepare and remove loose plaster, make sure walls are firm, and to patch, apply and finish 1/4-inch thick drywall to walls in the Municipal and Common Pleas courtrooms and to remove a 2- to 4-foot section of covered ceiling trim from new restroom walls.
Lenhart explained that the courtrooms had 10-foot square acoustical panel glued onto the walls and once it was taken off large glue patches were discovered underneath, but they have had trouble removing the glue.
“They can’t get it off, so we’re putting 1/4-inch drywall on those walls in both courtrooms,” Lenhart said.
The drywall is being placed on side and back walls in the Common Pleas and Municipal courtrooms, with a fine plaster coating used on a wall in Municipal Court with a mural on it.
Subtracting $87,500 in credits for allowance for walls and carpeting among other items, change orders with Peterson Construction Co. are adding $17,510 to a base bid of $3 million.
“This picks up a lot of miscellaneous stuff going on in the courthouse and it mounted up to a nice chunk of money,” Lenhart said.
Included in the change order are adding an access panel to the crawl space under the new third floor, shear plates for wall reinforcing on third and fourth floors, additional material and labor to remove wall, steel framing to support new locations, additional drywall, masonry to level the top of an existing wall, plates to contain and secure the ends of floor, additional steel to brace the railing, reinforcing the roof in the boiler house, more work at the new lower level security entrance, additional support required to reinforce areas, and to replace damaged areas.
Lenhart saida few more change orders still are expected for the project but that list should be getting shorter.
“We’re narrowing down the project,” Lenhart said.
Into the painting phase now of renovations, Lenhart said a couple of the upcoming change orders are connected to that but there still will be others as well.Portions of the project set for bidding in the next few weeks include millwork and furniture.