Catching a glimpse of history

Laura Koenig, Dave Vorhees
Staff Writers

Monday’s solar eclipse brought people outside to try and catch a glimpse, with their special glasses, of the eclipse through the clouds.
Some people stood outside their office buildings and homes while others made their way to the TSC viewing party on Willipie Street. A small portion of the road was blocked for viewers to stand or set up their chairs.
Lydia Young, 9, of Wapakoneta, came to the viewing party with her parents Grant and Allison Young. She came at the beginning of the eclipse and was excited to see the moon cover most of the sun.
“It feels like the eclipse goes really long, but it’s actually really short,” Young said.
Susan Walter, TSC marketing manager, said at 1 p.m. people were lined up to the corner of the TSC building. Unfortunately, they did not have enough glasses left for everyone who came.  
However, Catherine Focht, of Cairo, and her children Kiara and Isaac Focht were ready.
“We used our welding helmet,” Catherine said, holding the helmet. “I brought it just in case we didn’t get glasses.”
Families jammed to music and enjoyed snow cones, popcorn and cotton candy. Between bites they would look at the sun with their glasses.
Friends Kelly Byrne and Kennedi Custer, both 18, of Wapakoneta, came to enjoy the eclipse.
“I think it’s cool that it doesn’t happen very often,” Bryne said. “You have to celebrate it.”
Botkins Schools celebrated their first day of school by giving each student glasses and allowing them to go outside and view the eclipse. The students oohed and ahhed when the eclipse would peek out of the clouds.
At the Armstrong Air and Space Museum people gathered to view the eclipse and enjoy . . .

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