Cat food likely source of house fire

Firefighters with the Wapakoneta Fire Department responded just before noon Tuesday to a house fire at 311 Glynwood Road.

Firefighters responded after receiving a 911 call Tuesday at 11:50 a.m. about a house fire at the address of Lynn and Luke Nagel.

The couple has children, but nobody was home at the time.

Fire Capt. Jeff Orphal said Lynn Nagel came home from a church-related event and noticed heavy smoke when she opened the garage. She reported the fire and firefighters and police officers responded to the scene at 11:54 a.m.

It was found the origin of the fire was traced to a bag of cat food sitting on the kitchen stove. However, the stove was not turned on and the source of the ignition of the fire was not found.

“At this point, the fire will be documented as an undetermined cause,” Orphal said.

Orphal said a monetary estimate had not yet been made on the damage, but that the kitchen had sustained heavy fire damage and the rest of the home had sustained heavy smoke damage.

At the time of the 911 call, firefighters were participating in a mandatory training session, so all were able to respond and no mutual help was needed from outside departments.