C’ville to review parking

CRIDERSVILLE — Emergency vehicles experiencing trouble passing parked cars on a section of a village street is causing concern for village officials.

Cridersville Village Council members discussed the issue this week after listening to a report on the matter from Streets Committee members, who advised eliminating parking throughout the section of the street. When one councilor offered a new resolution to the issue, the matter was sent back to committee.

During an earlier council meeting, Cridersville Police Chief John Drake explained when cars parked on both sides of the 200 block of South Waverly, it made it difficult for emergency vehicles to get through when emergencies arise. He asked councilors to consider making it no parking for safety issues.

At the Streets Committee meeting, councilors supported Drake’s proposal and at Monday’s village council meeting councilors discussed this issue once again before taking a vote on the issue.

Councilor Stacey Myers Cook broached the idea of making parking

available on just one side of the street.

“Parking is crucial because there is not much space in driveways,” Myers Cook said.

Myers Cook conducted some research on the issue and went to other streets in the village, of which were the same size or narrower than the 200 block of South Waverly and observed how the parking on those streets compared.

“South Waverly is approximately 23 feet wide in the 200 block. Nearly the same width or wider than other streets that allow parking on one or both sides of the streets,” Myers Cook said, while also providing a write-up on the issue.

A typical vehicle uses approximately 6 feet in width for parallel parking, and the approximate width of an emergency response vehicle is 8 to 10 feet, Myers Cook noted.

“There are two sidewalks on the 200 block of South Waverly. The east sidewalk, which is new, is raised similar to the curb,” Myers Cook said. “The west sidewalk is pre-existing and level with the pavement. These sidewalks make a defined edge to the roadway much like a curb.”

Myers Cook took photographs of the different streets, including parked cars on Parkview, Sunrise, Wyandot, Seneca and Sugar streets, and these were provided to councilors for review.

The photographs showed instances where there was two cars parked on each side of the road, one car parked on one side of the road and traffic passing through, and the room that is available for these cars.

Myers Cook asked councilors that if parking is allowed on at least one side of the street on narrower and similar sized streets, why can there not be parking on the 200 block of South Waverly St.

Drake said that there was no discussion of having parking on only one side of the 200 block of South Waverly Street at the Streets Committee meeting in December.

Cridersville Mayor Lorali Myers said that these were valid points, and will be took into consideration.

The councilors reviewed the information as they voted, and decided that they would have another Street Committee meeting to discuss this further and review the issue.

The Streets Committee meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Jan. 26 at the Cridersville Village Hall. The Committee of the Whole meeting will follow.