C’ville to plant new trees

CRIDERSVILLE — After much research and review, an area tree commission is ready to start on a big project.

Cridersville Tree Commission members are now ready to plant trees on the tree lawn on Main Street in the village.

Tree Commission Vice President Stacey Cook notified Cridersville Village Council members during Thursday’s Committee-of-the-Whole meeting that three different species of trees will be planted, which are maple, cherry and snow crab. Cook also is a member of the council.

“They are non-fruit bearing,” Cook said. “Despite the two that sound like they would carry fruit, they are fruitless.”

Twenty trees will be planted in the tree lawn, and currently there are pink “Xs” that mark the spots.

Tree Commission members have worked with Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Urban Forester Stephanie Miller on this multi-year project.

Miller, along with the Tree Commission and village crew, have worked together and did research on appropriate trees for Main Street.

Cook noted the trees will have different colors in the different seasons, and there will be color alterations between each tree planted.

“They grow similar to each other,” Cook said. “They will reach their full maturity in 25-30 years, and a 35-feet tall tree would be the tallest it will get and that would be in 25-30 years.”

The roots of each of these three trees will not affect the sidewalks in the village.

The planting will begin in October.

In other business, Cridersville Village Operator Jarid Kohlrieser said the website is up and running, and he is currently working on a way to accept payments online.

Residents will soon be able to make their water payments, along with other village fees, online with a credit card.

“The best company is paygov.us,” Kohlrieser said to the councilors. “This will be no fee to the village, because it’s free to municipalities.”

The company will have to set up a link on the website, and then residents will be able to pay with a credit card online, phone or in the office.

Currently, residents can only pay with cash or check.

“I want to meet with them and see if this is something we want to do,” Kohlrieser said.

As he checks into the idea, the councilors were interested in this plan.

“This would be a great service and we would have more accessibility for payments, especially after office hours,” Cridersville Mayor Lorali Myers said.