C’ville draws U.S. rep

Staff Writer
CRIDERSVILLE — During a visit to meet with the mayor, Republican U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan learned how an area facility is using community outreach is trying to improve the life of its residents during a tour of the recently renovated Cridersville Healthcare Center. 
“I was elated that he took the time to meet with people at the Healthcare Center and listen to our concerns,” Mayor Lorali Myers said.
Administrator Amy Kentner requested Jordan visit the center to see the accomplishments they have made throughout the past year.
“Although we are a small facility, we are still a good community resource,” Kentner said.
Kentner told Jordan how the center is working on clinical outcomes and community involvement. She also wanted to show the quality care provided at the center.
“It’s important for Jim to know that even with the budget cut, if we work hard and believe in the health care system, great strides can be made,” Kentner said.
Not only did she want to send a message to the state, but also to the Healthcare Center staff.
“They should understand that when they work hard, even on a local level, it can be noticed from state representatives,” Kentner said.
She said she believed Jordan would not forget his trip to Cridersville.
“I love Jim Jordan because he wants to know what’s going on locally, and he will take it back with him to (Washington,) D.C,” Kentner said.
Jordan said he was impressed with how the center has grown.
“It has a nice, friendly and warm feeling,” Jordan said about the center. “Amy asked us to come out and see the great improvements that have been made to the facility.”
He congratulated the Health care staff on their hard efforts on their improvements to the center.
“We do appreciate the first line in health care,” Jordan said.
Jordan spoke to staff about the government’s budget bill due in 14 days and his goal to delay the health care affordability act, or Obamacare. 
“We just don’t think it’s ready,” Jordan said. “That’s the big debate coming in the next few weeks. It’s a mess, and it needs to be delayed.”
Nurse Pam Klosterman said she agreed with Jordan about the status of Obamacare. 
“I stood up and said ‘You need to stop this Obamacare,’ and he actually listened to me,” Klosterman said. “He was very nice.”
Klosterman said she was excited to receive a hug from Jordan.
“I couldn’t believe it,” Klosterman said. “You can tell he cares about the people and what’s going on.”
During the congressman’s visit to Cridersville, Myers, Kentner, Deputy District Director Cameron Warner and Jordan were led on a tour by Cridersville Historical Society Director Greg Myers. They visited the Bowsher Log Cabin located in front of the HealthCare Center. 
Jordan said he and his wife are interested in history, and he was eager to see the historical site. 
Jordan learned Kentner is working to bring the community together by using the log cabin as a resource. 
“It’s nice to see that the Historical Society team up with the HealthCare Center,” Jordan said.
While Mayor Lorali Myers was appreciative of Jordan’s visit to the center, she said the main reason she invited Jordan to Cridersville was to keep him updated on the damage resulting from the July 10 microburst and prior flooding. 
“I want to tell him my economical concerns to allow him to see the true picture of where we’re at,” Myers said. 
Auglaize County Emergency Management Agency Director Troy Anderson also attended the meeting, providing details about how the village has not yet met the damage requirements to receive funding from the government.
“Jim said that there is not a lot of federal funding, and I understand that,” Myers said, “but I’m still the mayor, and these are still my residents.”
Myers said she will continue to seek financial help for those affected by the storm damage, and she said council members support her 100 percent. She said keeping in touch with state representatives is a priority in order to bring attention to the village needs. 
Myers said she is setting up a meeting with Republican state Sen. Cliff Hite as her next step in moving forward with trying to secure funds for the village.