C’ville designs new village website

Beginning next week, an area village’s website should have a new look.

Cridersville Village Operator Jarid Kohlrieser said the new website for the village of Cridersville will be up and running by Aug. 30 — if not before.

“I think this website is awesome,” Kohlrieser said. “It’s user friendly and I think if someone gets on to the website, they will have no problem finding what they are looking for.”

Kohlrieser has been the liaison between Minster-based web developing company Midnet Media and village departments.

This $5,650 redesign project will be updated often, either by Kohlrieser or Midnet Media.

“We will have the availability to log-in and change and update the site, and Midnet Media will work on the more technical things and change what we can’t or don’t know how to do,” Kohlrieser said.

Kohlrieser said this new website will be similar to the existing website, but it will be much easier to maneuver and will include more features.

“It’s completely revamped compared to the old page,” Kohlrieser said, “and more user friendly. You will find what you are looking for quicker.”

One neat feature, Kohlrieser noted, is the local business directory, which includes a picture, address and information on each business within the corporation limits of Cridersville.

Another feature on the website is an economic development section, which will include available properties for rent and purchase with information on each property.

“The economic development page has really taken off,” Kohlrieser said. “Anyone looking to expand or start a business in Cridersville will like the economic development page.”

A calendar on the website will help keep residents to keep up-to-date on current events happening, along with a link to print off a zoning code form.    

“This will really help out residents that are looking at building something,” Kohlrieser said.

In addition, a shelter house agreement form can be downloaded to fill out.

Being able to print off forms on the website will be beneficial to the residents, so they can do this whenever they need to, instead of picking up a form during village hours.

“I took a lot of inspiration off of Minster’s website and seeing what we could incorporate into ours,” Kohlrieser said. We took bits and pieces from them, and developed our own site with our needs and wants.”

Midnet Media also worked with the village of Minster with the redesign of their website.

Other features on the website include photo galleries, a link to the Cridersville Courier, village council meeting minutes and links to different village operated departments.

“We want to make sure residents were aware of what the council is doing every month,” Kohlrieser said.

A special section is dedicated to the residents to voice a concern, which will be sent to the department director who handles that specific concern, along with a frequently asked questions link.

In addition to local Cridersville links, by the click of a button, the website can show school delays and closings, local weather and links to county information.

Between working with the village council and department superintendents, Kohlrieser said that the feedback that he is getting from village officials is great.

“The police and fire chiefs are loving the site,” Kohlrieser said. “They are very pleased.”

One of Kohlrieser’s main goals was to make this website useful for the residents.

“It’s easy to use and the residents will have no problem using it,” Kohlrieser said. “It will be better for the user to find out what’s going on.”

Kohlrieser noted the village did their homework before they choose to go with Midnet Media.

“We had gotten quotes from a couple other companies and they either didn’t offer what we were looking for or they would’ve ended up being more expensive than Midnet Media,” Kohlrieser said. “A website is just another tool that the village can utilize in many ways, and with any tool, at some point it either needs to be rebuilt, revised or replaced.”

Village officials saw the work that Midnet Media did by looking at other sites they had created, for example Minster’s and Auglaize County’s websites, and realized that this was the right company to go with.

“I feel in choosing Midnet Media we did our due diligence in picking the right company for the better good of our community and for our residents,” Kohlrieser said.