C’ville council talks 2013

CRIDERSVILLE — As an area village begins a new year, they enacted some changes along with addressing a few housekeeping items for the 2013 year.

Cridersville Village Council members met on Monday for their rescheduled regular meeting, and Council President Eric West lead the meeting, as Mayor Lorali Myers was absent, due to her being out while recovering from an illness.

Councilors voted to reappoint Choice One Engineering as their village engineer. Choice One has been working with the village for several years.

“I recommend Choice One,” Cridersville Village Administrator Jarid Kohlrieser said. “We’ve been using them for the last few years.”

Councilors agreed and will continue working with the Sidney-based company.

Councilor Tony Zuppardo will continue to be prevailing wage coordinator after being reappointed.

The new committee assignments and the election of council president was tabled at Monday’s meeting, and will be discussed at a special council meeting at 7 p.m. on Jan. 31.

During this council meeting, they will also talk about the discussion of a village solicitor.

Former solicitor for the village was Jim Hearn, and Dec. 31 was his last day.

“There are five applicants for the solicitor position, according to the mayor,” West said to council.

Councilors mentioned they wanted to get a new solicitor in place for the village because without legal counsel, the council cannot draft any new resolutions or ordinances.

Myers has all the information for this issue, and the plan is to address this before February’s regular council meeting.

In old business, the third and final reading of amending the dog ordinance was tabled until the next meeting, as councilors will need to obtain and review the amended ordinance before passage. Cridersville Police Chief John Drake will be dropping off the copies of the amended ordinance to each councilor as soon as he is able to obtain copies.

West noted there was a special meeting on Dec. 26 establishing the police chief’s salary be $58,500. The police chief went from being an hourly position to a salaried position at the beginning of 2013.

Councilors had passed the salary during the special December meeting, but did not vote on the actual resolution until Monday’s meeting at which time it was passed.