Building for sale: District to market Pine St. building

Preparations to sell a building which houses transportation, food services and maintenance personnel for Wapakoneta City Schools are to move forward.
Wapakoneta City Schools Board of Education members voted unanimously to proceed in preparing the building at 3 North Pine St. for sale during a regular meeting Tuesday.
Wapakoneta City Schools Operations Director Mike Watt said part of those preparations include marketing the property, getting people to see it and making adjustments to locations where the offices are to move.
After the sale is advertised, the building would go through a public auction unless it is purchased by another public entity. A minimum price for the building would be set at a later time with board member approval.
“Right now, we’re just asking for the ability to move forward with the planning phase,” Wapakoneta City Schools Superintendent Keith Horner said.
Now that those preparations have been approved, he said they can begin planning more details.
Watt said by selling the building and eliminating a property owned by the district, they can lessen travel between sites throughout the day thus making for more efficient use of staffing and building space. It also would save in costs of maintaining the property.
The district’s Transportation Department would move into a planned addition to an existing storage building and the Maintenance Department to an available area in the high school.
Food Services’ future headquarters has yet to be determined.
“The sale of the property would help offset the costs,” Watt said of the move.
Watt said transferring items from the offices to the new locations could begin any time to get the sites ready.
“I think you’re making the right move here,” Watt told board members.
Horner said selling the building is another idea they’ve come up with as they continue to scrutinize spending across the district. Revamping existing spaces is less expensive than maintaining another building.
“Reduction in property means a cost savings,” Horner said. “Sometimes you do have to spend money to save money.”