Budget bill could prove expensive

WAYNESFIELD — Waynesfield Village Solicitor Bob Fitzgerald advised Waynesfield Village Council members that wording in the new budget bill could prove to be expensive for Waynesfield and other small villages.
He said he believes wording in the new budget bill carries a requirement for all municipalities to advertise all ordinances in public media.
“I received a letter from the state (addressing the new requirement),” Fitzgerald said during Monday’s Waynesfield Village Council meeting. “This will cost a lot of small villages a lot of money.”
Fitzgerald said he had tried to contact several legislators to get an explanation of the need for the bill but he he had not yet been contacted.
“I would like to find out the reasoning for this,” Fitzgerald said. “I will continue to try and reach them and find out.”
Fitzgerald said the legislation takes effect Oct. 1.
A presentation by a health insurance agent resulted in an approximate $5,000 savings per month on the village’s insurance bill. Agent Jon Derryberry made a presentation to councilors during the August meeting.
The village was previously paying approximately $927 per month to cover dental insurance. Derryberry had contacted another company, Humana Specialty Benefits, and was able to get the monthly payment for the same plan lowered to $562.
Derryberry said that Anthem came in under the wire with an even lower number.
“I told them the village was getting ready to switch to Humana for the dental and eye insurance,” Derryberry said. “After reviewing it, they came up with a new figure of $518.”
Councilor Ashley Jerew provided the lone no vote for the dental and vision insurance plan.
Jerew addressed councilors at an earlier meeting this year that employees were now being required to pay higher premiums on their health insurance and that the village needed to research the issue and possibly do the same. However, other councilors had agreed to keep the insurance intact after the new insurance agent, Derryberry, had been able to gather a significant savings for the village.