Bridge beam below

The lowest bid for box beams needed for a new bridge on National Road came in below the engineer’s estimate.
Auglaize County Bridge Engineer Dan Bennett said United Precast, of Mount Vernon, at $45,825, submitted the lowest of two bids for the bridge box beams.
Also submitting a bid for the project was Prestress Services Industries, of Decatur, Ind., at $55,200.
The engineer’s estimate was $52,000.
The new bridge, which is to span the Grassley-Link Ditch, is approximately 0.2 miles east of Eisley Road.
“It replaces a bridge built in 1960,” Bennett said, noting that the concrete on the bridge was getting bad. “The condition of the existing bridge has deteriorated to the point where a new bridge is required.”
Due to the size of the planned new bridge — 36 feet in length and 28 feet in width — the county had to contract out the
concrete beams because they are too big to make with their own crews.
Bennett said he anticipates work to begin in late summer or early fall and the bridge to be completed by the end of October.
He said when a bridge is designed much care is taken in analyzing the design, not just through calculations but with weight and stress tests, typically factoring in using weights substantially above what would actually travel over the bridge.
Upon completion, the new bridge would utilize seven prestressed box beams with a right forward skew. Reinforced concrete capped pile abutments protected with riprap would support the new beams.
Estimated cost of the work to be done by Auglaize County crews is $49,500 in addition to the cost for the set of beams installed along the guard rail posts.