Boy Scouts hold annual awards dinner

Staff Writer

The Old Sycamore Boy Scout District celebrated the end of 2017 with their annual Recognition Dinner, which took place Sunday at the Rockford Community Center.

The Old Sycamore District covers Auglaize, Mercer and Van Wert Counties, and scouts and volunteers alike gathered to recognize the achievements and hard work of the members in the district.

Marty Borchers, the District Chair, works in Wapakoneta, and used to live in town, where she raised her three Eagle Scout sons, and she was on hand to help honor a group of hardworking volunteers.

“There are 2,5000 volunteers in our council,” Borchers said about the Black Swamp Area Council which covers most of western Ohio. “There are only 6 paid staff.”

As District Chair, Borchers oversees all of the troops in the area, serving as a communicator between the Council and the District, as well as helps coordinate events.

While oversee that large swath of land, Borchers has noticed something about the Boy Scouts in Wapakoneta that she doesn’t see in other towns in the area.

“In Wapakoneta, we currently have seven units. It gives our youth a vast variety because each one of them has their own uniqueness in what they do, how they do it, and it gives the youth a plethora of opportunities,” she said. “Compare us to Celina. They have one Cub Pack and one Boy Scout Troop. They’re huge. If they can’t make it the night of the meetings, they’re not going to do it at all.”

“We have a home for you if you really want it,” she said.

She has also...

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