Botkins youth enjoys class work, gymnastics

BOTKINS — Seven-year-old Hope Alig is best known for her smile that always seems to be on her face.

However, just talking a few minutes with her and you realize there is a more to her than just a smile.

The daughter of Candy and Jason Alig is the youngest of four children, two sisters and a brother. However, all of her siblings are grown.

Hope is a first-grade student at Botkins Elementary School, and at a young age she is learning to apply herself in the classroom. Just this last nine weeks at school, she made the honor roll with all A’s and B’s as a student in Janice Locker’s class. Her favorite subject is math, and her favorite time of the school day.

“Recess is the most fun part,” Hope said. “I like to play with my friends.

Hope has taken an active interest in sports, too, as she has participated in fun run, an elementary level cross country program at the school, and basketball.

Hope said she “tries really” hard and doesn’t let her small stature stand in her way.

She also participates in several different programs at the local YMCA, and she loves gymnastics.

Hope’s family travels in the summer to visit friends and family, and they will be taking a trip to visit her aunt in Chicago, a trip she said she is excited about taking.

In her spare time, Hope has been spending a lot of time with her new puppy, Chewy.

She also likes to play with her Nintendo DS and Wii. She likes to ride around on her scooter outside and just recently learned to ride her bike without the training wheels.

While Hope hasn’t locked down a sure career path just yet, she has thought about it once in a while.

“I think I might want to be a teacher,” Hope said. “I think that would be fun.”