Botkins basketball game postponed due to fire alarm

BOTKINS — Maybe the Botkins Trojans varsity boys basketball team was just off to too hot of a start this season.

School personnel canceled Friday’s meeting with the Houston Wildcats after a fire alarm went off just before 7 p.m. as the junior varsity was approaching half time. Approximately 700 people had to be evacuated from the gymnasium, taking refuge outside the building.

Three Botkins firefighters happened to be in the audience when the fire alarm sounded. Additional fire personnel as well as members of the  Botkins Police Department arrived a few minutes later.

The cause was traced to something that set off a sensor in the ventilation system. The alarm automatically shut down the ventilation system.

“Something hit the sensor and set it off,” Botkins Local School Superintendent Connie Schneider said. “There wasn’t any horseplay involved.”

Shortly after the crowd returned to their seats in the Botkins school gymnasium and after an inspection by fire personnel, the alarm again was activated as the junior varsity got to half time at 7:54 p.m.

Botkins Fire Department personnel again responded to the scene and Houston Local School administrators and officials requested the game be postponed and rescheduled for a later date.

After local firefighters gave the all-clear signal, Botkins school officials decided to go forward with the homecoming ceremony scheduled for the night.

A date to resume the game has not yet been set.