Book club page turner at WHS

Staff Writer
The goal of a book club targeted to high school students has one main purpose — to be fun.
The coordinator of the book club, hosted by the Auglaize County Public District Library and in its third year, says the club “has been very successful.”
“High schoolers are so busy and the book club is something we wanted to start and see what happens,” Auglaize County Public District Library Youth Services Coordinator Beth Steiner said. “So far, we have had a good turnout and good feedback.”
The book club, which held its meeting at the Auglaize County Public District Library in Wapakoneta during its first year, is now meeting for the second consecutive year at the high school library. Steiner said this has resulted in positive feedback from the students — especially those who were unable to obtain rides to the community library.
This year, Steiner is continuing to hold the book club at the high school every third Thursday of each month.
“It’s a fun, relaxed atmosphere,” Steiner said. “We have group discussions, games, trivia and prizes. The high school is excited we can come over and do this.”
The main goal of the club is for the students to have fun — all while learning something new.
Approximately 10 to 15 students attend each meeting, and Steiner said the club is open to anyone in high school who wants to join.
Prior to each meeting, the students read the suggested book that Steiner loans out, and then they discuss that book and theme activities around the story line at the next meeting.
“We try to make it interactive,” Steiner said.
When choosing a book for the month, Steiner said she looks at many aspects.
“I like to look at award winners,” Steiner said, “and maybe introduce kids to new things.”
For their November club meeting, the students read “Five Flavors of Dumb,” by Antony John.
This book involved a female in high school who was deaf. She was also the manager of a band, and the book talked about the issues she dealt with.
Steiner said she tries to pick books that introduce the students to different kinds of situations, and maybe something they have not dealt with directly.
The next meeting will be held after school, approximately 2:45 p.m. until 3:45 p.m. on Dec. 15, and any student, freshmen through senior, are invited to attend.