Book benefits charities

The popular “The Book of Wapakoneta” is to enter a third printing for this holiday and purchasers can stipulate the proceeds from the purchase to benefit three local charities.

Rachel Barber, who chaired Wapako-

neta’s 175th anniversary celebration in 2008, announced a third printing of the commemorative “The Book of Wapakoneta” is planned with the book scheduled to be available by Christmas. She said this is so copies of the book may be given as gifts. Proceeds from the book also can be gifted to one of three charities — God’s Storehouse, St. Vincent de Paul and the Wapakoneta Area Ministerial Association’s Servant’s Day fund.

“We know that Wapakoneta’s unique and vibrant history has shaped the community in which we live today,” Barber said. “By designating future profits from ‘The Book of Wapakoneta’ sales to several local charities, we can continue to build on a strong future.”

God’s Storehouse Chair Carol Berg said she was pleased Barber approached her and the Wapakoneta Area Ministerial Association about using book sales as a means to help local charities meed the needs of local people.

“I was very pleased she approached us with this idea and Rachel Barber knows we have had to make some cuts and make some changes to how we operate to meet some new challenges,” Berg said. “I was very honored she asked us to be a part of this, and I also think it is wonderful that Gus Wintzer is helping on the front end of this.”

Wintzer funded the printing of the edition so they could be sold prior to Christmas.

“Rachel is a good person to organize, facilitate and run something like this,” Berg said. “Whatever proceeds that are raised and given to us will be used for food and groceries to benefit our clients.”

Berg also said “The Book of Wapakoneta” which she has already purchased makes a great Christmas gift.

Barber also noted it fulfills the need of many who still want to purchase the book.

“We know that many who had wished to purchase the book were unable,” Barber said, noting those who pre-order the book will be able to designate which charity benefits from their purchase. “This third printing gives us the opportunity to gain an even wider audience for the book, with sales to former residents and others interested in the Wapakoneta story.”

Barber noted pre-sale orders for the book will be accepted until Nov. 30 with a minimum donation of $25 per book. An additional $6 will be charged for any books that are to be mailed to the purchaser.  

“The Book of Wapakoneta” debuted in December 2009 and sold 2,000 copies, with books shipped throughout the United States and even overseas.

“Originally planned to be 144 pages, the finished book ended up being 324 pages, including eight full-color pages,” Barber said. “The book is a collection of stories, images, and information about Wapakoneta’s rich and unique past.”

The book features all the 100 Words On ... column, honoring Wapakonetans who have contributed to the betterment of their community and the world at large, photographs from the “Lost Wapakoneta,” “Our Family in Wapakoneta,” and Made in Wapakoneta exhibits” as well as photographs of 175th celebration highlights, including the once-in-a-lifetime parade.

Other chapters are dedicated to local architecture, churches, business and industry, including the decade-by-decade business listings compiled by the late Leland Stroh, a special article about Wapakoneta’s significant American Indian connection by scholar and Shawnee expert Stephen Warren and additional local information.