BOE reduces tuition fee for preschool

WAYNESFIELD — During Monday’s meeting, Waynesfield-Goshen Board of Education members voted to waive tuition for qualifying children for the school’s preschool program.
Board members approved the move after it was recommended by Elementary Principal Tim Pence. Pence told the board members that the current $100 per month was proving to be too steep for some low-income families.
“We have had one drop out because they couldn’t pay the $100,” Pence said. “I have had others tell me they were hesitant to enroll their children because they could not afford it. I have had others with multiple children also say they could not afford it. I think this well help.”
The school currently has room for 15 students in two preschool classes. A total of 12 and 10 are enrolled in each one.
Pence recommended both a sliding-scale tuition and a simple half-rate tuition at $50. Board members approved the $50 version.
All students qualifying for free or reduced price lunches will qualify for the reduced tuition.
Board members elected to officially take a stance against proposed House Bill 136 at the meeting.
The proposed bill would allow parents to receive vouchers to send their children to other school districts. If tuition prices are lower than the vouchers, parents will be able to pocket the excess cash.
“We are simply stating that if children are already
in a good school, they should stay there,” Board President Tom Brookhart said.
Board members elected to not have a “Meet the Candidates” night due to low attendance at previous events. Five people have filed to fill the three contested spots at the election in November.
Board members adjourned to executive session on personnel, including a discussion to fill the position of interim superintendent. Superintendent JoAnne Kerekes recently submitted her resignation to take a position with the state’s Race to the Top program and anticipates beginning work Nov. 1.
No action was taken.