Board sees downhill trends

During Tuesday’s Auglaize County Health Department Board of Health meeting Health Commissioner Charlotte Parsons provided board members with the county health rankings report for 2014. Parsons also gave out copies of the 2010 report to help compare the trends over the past five years.

“The thing that interests me most is the trend in our county over the past five years, did we go up, did we go down?” Parsons said. “And unfortunately we’re going down in most of the areas, sometimes it’s not much.”

Some of the categories Auglaize County has not improved on over the past few years are people who describe themselves as poor or fair health, obesity rate is getting worse, and in the five-year period the county has gone from a 30 percent obesity rate to a 33 percent rate. Another area lacking in improvement is the teen birth rate. The birth rate has gotten a little worse, but Auglaize County’s numbers are still better than the state’s.

However there have been some improvements in the areas of preventable hospital stays and diabetic screenings, Parsons said.

For the complete story see the Wednesday, April 9, edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.