Board honors top students

Kylea Mosher, Aidan Johnson and Harrison Green were recognized at Tuesday evening's board of education meeting.
Staff Writer

Four Cridersville Elementary School students were recognized by the Wapakoneta City Schools Board of Education on Tuesday night during its regular Board of Education meeting. It was held at Cridersville Elementary School.

First-grader Myleigh Rosebrook, third-grader Kylea Mosher, fourth-grader Harrison Green and fourth-grader Aidan Johnson were the students recognized.

“We are celebrating some students here for excellent academics, as well as just being a well-rounded citizen,” CES Principal Misty Baker said. “You should be very proud of your children because we have a lot of students here, and they were picked to be recognized tonight.”

The teachers who nominated the students each got up and said why they chose to do so. The reasons the students were nominated include willingness to help others, outstanding citizenship and kindheartedness. Rosebrook was absent, but Baker still read the reasons why she was nominated.