Bids in for county farmland

Bids were accepted Thursday by the Auglaize County commissioners for leasing county-owned farmland.

The approximately 72 acres is located near Neil Armstrong Airport, the county airport, east of New Knoxville.

It’s the second parcel of farmland the county owns to be leased for 2013. The other, is approximately 233 acres close to Auglaize Acres, the county’s nursing home, north of Wapakoneta.

Andy Kuck, at $405 per acre, was awarded the lease for the farmland near the Acres. He was one of seven bidders.

Bids are still being reviewed for the farmland by the airport, as three of those bidding did so only for one parcel of the land.

Submitting bids for that fourth parcel only were  Brent Henschen at $307.50, Dry Feeder Farms for $361.50 per acre, and Carl Kuck at $409 per acre.

Those submitting bids for all four parcels of farmland outside of New Knoxville were Kuck Farms at $405 per acre for the first parcel, $300 per acre for the second parcel, $200 per acre for the third parcel, and $405.26 per acre for the fourth parcel. Phillips Brothers Farms submitted a bid of $375 per acre for each parcel.

Commissioner Doug Spencer said the leases are good for three years with the highest bid typically awarded the contract.

“Part of the money goes back into improving the farmland and the rest goes into the general fund,” Spencer said, noting that money from the lease of the land near New Knoxville specifically would go toward helping with the airport as well.