Auglaize-Mercer YMCA looking at merger with Dayton Y

Jenna Gilbert
Staff Writer

The St. Marys Community Improvement Corporation Board of Trustees heard an update on the Auglaize-Mercer YMCA during its meeting Tuesday.

Josh Sullenberger, senior vice president of the YMCA of Greater Dayton, spoke to the CIC about the potential merger of the Auglaize-Mercer YMCA into the YMCA of Greater Dayton. Though the term merger is often seen as a negative, Sullenberger said the move would have a positive impact on the local, independent Y.

Sullenberger got involved with the Auglaize-Mercer YMCA through a chance meeting with volunteers on the branch's board earlier this year.

"We were discussing the leadership change that happened around last September with Allen [Baskett] retiring and Lowell Niece was the interim," Sullenberger said. "It started with Lowell calling us up and asking if we could send somebody to train the staff on a new operating system and that lead to a conversation about the candidate pool [for CEO] was so small."

The senior vice president explained to Niece that this situation is not unique to Auglaize and Mercer counties and is actually a common thing Dayton office sees in smaller communities across the entire Y system.

A merger could offer...

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