Ask the expert — Ask Amy Staging

Owner of Ask Amy Staging, LLC, Amy Zumberger, knows how to organize a home. Whether it's staging an occupied home to sell, offering redesign services to new home buyers or downsizing for seniors, Amy is a professional who created a business from de-cluttering, cleaning and organizing homes.

Here are her tips for homeowners trying to "spruce up" their spring cleaning this year.

Is there an area in the house that you see people struggling to organize the most?
There are two areas that are typically a problem from an organization perspective. Kitchen cabinets — they just have too much food that they're not wanting to use. Especially because we live in Ohio, people tend to stock up on supplies. I'm finding cabinets are just absolutely packed. I've been telling everyone to stop going to the grocery, be a little creative in your cooking and try to deplete your supply in your cabinets.

Even paper products — paper towels and toilet paper. If you don't have an extra storage area, don't try to shove it into that kitchen or in those laundry rooms.

Closets — if you have winter coats that you maybe didn't wear this winter, it's a good time to consign or donate. You didn't wear it this winter, you're probably not going to wear it next winter, so just get rid of it.
Especially when we're making season changes. Those are really good times to organize.

What you'll find is when you go to pull your clothes, it'll be so much easier to see what you have that you actually like.

For tips on spring cleaning, see the Saturday, March 22 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.