Art, math and music interest first-grader

A first-grader at Wapakoneta Elementary School says she is glad she lives here now rather than Texas.
“I like Ohio a lot better,” said 6-year-old Lydia Brigham. “First, there are not killer bees here.”
But, in addition to that, she said it also cools down in west-central Ohio.
“I don’t want to stay indoors all my life,” Lydia said. “Every day in Texas was about 300 degrees.”
And she does not like getting hot or sweating!
The youngest of her siblings, Lydia is also still the only one going to school and living with her parents in Wapakoneta. Her nieces, all younger than 2, are actually closer in age to her.
“It’s cool being the youngest,” Lydia said.
“You can get more excited,” she said mimicking her older siblings as she rolled her eyes.
Her favorite way to spend time with her young nieces is by watching “Spongebob the Movie,” which is also her favorite cartoon.
Musically, the daughter of Kim and Ben Brigham prefers soft jazz and she likes abstract art.
Her favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, pizza, Chinese food and salad, particularly with Ranch dressing.
Talking about lunch, one of her favorite parts of the school day, Lydia said she always orders a salad with ranch dressing.
“It’s like taking a swim in Ranch all the way to heaven,” Lydia said of the dressing which she hasn’t found any others to compare.
She also likes her
salads without onions, which she said make her cry even when she eats them and she likes just about all kinds of juices, except tomato.
“I hate tomatoes and their juice,” Lydia said.
A big avocado fan, Lydia said she enjoys eating them and now the family is trying to grow them, too.
“I had an idea one day,” Lydia said. “I would eat them and eat them and I always found a seed in the bottom. I thought, why not plant it. I have one growing now.”
A mathematician in the making, Lydia said her other favorite part of the school day is art, particularly drawing, especially trees.
“I’m excited about first grade,” Lydia said. “I’m excited about learning a lot of things. I’ve learned a lot already and like to learn.”
Lydia said on her first night of school, her parents had the homework with a lot of forms to fill out, but by the second night it was her turn to complete the back of a math sheet.
During the summer, Lydia said her father taught her how to cook and she’s mastered waffles and sausage hot dogs. Now she’s working on her mother’s cookies and making up her own recipes, especially for desserts, a favorite is Nutella, nuts and melted marshmallows frozen until they cool.
“I’d like to cook, sing or do art when I grow up,” said Lydia, who also loves to make jewelry and design shirts.
“I like to write songs, but they are kind of hard,” she said. “I have been writing a lot of poems and making my own books, but they are just stapled together so that doesn’t really count.”
Lydia also has compiled her own scrapbook with pictures of her nieces, and her cooking, as well as special sections she’s written about her family.
“It keeps good memories,” Lydia said.
With her seventh birthday quickly approaching, Lydia excitedly talks about the Orbeez Soothing Spa for hands and feet which she is hoping to unwrap.