Art Center market offers local artists platform for work

Terri Lynne Blosser stops for a photo with her artwork up for sale at Saturday's Starving Artist Market at Riverside Art Center.
Staff Writer

If they were starving before, they aren't starving now.

Artists convened on the Riverside Art Center on Saturday morning, setting up shop for what turned out to be a steady stream of patrons during this weekend's 'Starving Artist Market.'

The market gave a couple handful of local artists–selling everything from paintings, photography, pottery, and even clothes–a chance to get their works in front of potential buyers.

"It's really important to have your stuff out, hanging, for people to see it, otherwise it's at home in storage until you go to your next thing," Terri Lynne Blosser, an artist with a booth at Saturday's market, said. "To be able to have it out for people to see it–and to get it out of your house–it's important."

"Most artists have things stacked in their house that they would love to have somebody buy," Blosser added. "but if you don't have the venue to do it, it stays stacked at your house."

But for other artists, like John Rausch, one of Riverside's founding members, it's not about...

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