Animal calling contest brings laughs and fun

Fun and laughs were a plenty in the Show Barn Saturday evening as kids of all ages competed in the “Best Animal Calling and Decorated Animal Contest” at the Auglaize County Fair.
The event began with the “Decorated Animal Contest,” which featured a pair of “Super Goats,” complete with black masks and capes, also worn by their handlers. The mop dog stole the first place honors, with a costume that featured a long, paper towel roll pole with a small, white dog at the end.
Charlie Walter, 10, of St. Marys, dressed up as a farmer and, with help from his mother, built and spray painted a cardboard box to look like a barn for his cow. The cow’s head came through the front of the barn, and Charlie sported a straw hat and a bandana in addition to a sign that read “Wish List: A bigger barn.”
“I decorated my cow as a barn,” Charlie said. “I was thinking of different stuff and I wanted to do a barn because I had stuff to dress up like a farmer.”
The Animal Calling Contest brought several callers to the microphone, many calling several common farm animals including cows, cats, chickens and pigs. Animal callers also made dolphin, duck and chipmunk noises.
Leah Walter, 8, of St. Marys, won her age group in the animal calling contest with her hyena call.
“I usually just use it to scare her,” Leah said referring to her cousin. “My mom told me it sounded like a hyena.”
Jonah Lageman, 12, of New Knoxville, took home the first place prize for his chipmunk call.
He decided to join the competition after some friends encouraged him. He had been using a technique to make the noise.
“I started pinching my cheek and my friends said it sounded like a chipmunk,” Jonah said of his winning call.
Katelyn Kinsella, 6, of Botkins, won her age group with a duck call that she had learned from a friend. While it was her first time competing in the animal calling show, she had been practicing her call for some time.
“I’ve been making duck noises for a while and I’ve been practicing,” Katelyn said.
Despite the crowd all watching her, Katelyn said she was not nervous.
“I was excited because I thought I could win and I did,” Katelyn said.