Airport budget up slightly

NEW KNOXVILLE — Neil Armstrong Airport Manager Sean Stroh met with the Auglaize County commissioners Thursday to discuss airport activities over the last several months and present a preliminary budget for 2013.

The preliminary budget was at $139,000, a modest 4.7 percent increase from 2012. However, the budget did not include the possibility of hiring an assistant manager at the airport. The preliminary budget has not yet had its final approval from the airport authority board. Commissioners plan to review the budget and see if it is possible to hire an assistant manager at the facility.

Stroh reported that activity is trending upward at the airport when compared to averages over the pasts several years. He said fuel sales are up, and the raise in activity can be primarily attributed to more corporate and freight activity at the airport.

Stroh also reported to the commissioners that all zoning regulations have been checked to make sure they are updated due to the possibility of a cell phone tower being constructed in northwest

New Knoxville. Stroh said a proposal of a tower was made earlier this year, but no further action has been taken since the proposal.

“We just want to make sure everything is in place,” Stroh said.

Stroh also reported repairs were made to the runway by Buehler Asphalt and Paving, of Sidney, after a storm in July caused damage because of four separate lightning strike points. The cost of the repair work was about $1,200.